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What is ADA Maths?

ADA Maths is an online, open mathematics textbook where we aim to organise questions as well as answers. The site is created by a maths teacher and the aim is for everyone to contribute to build up a huge database of maths questions.

Where should I start?

Start by selecting a topic from the homepage or the menu. Select your subtopic and find which question you want to approach. If you are familiar with the type of question you may wish to work out the solution on your own. Then compare the answer. If incorrect have a look through a solution and video, where possible. Once you have the idea, you can approach a similar question and check your answer.

What does 'a s v' mean?

a: answer The answer to the problem.
s: solution A more thoroughly worked through solution to the problem with step-by-step working out.
v: video A video to explain thoroughly the solution.

How do I submit a question, answer, solution, video?

Have a look at the SUBMIT page for more information. The more contributions, the better the site!

Why is it called the 'ADA Maths'?

ADA is after Ada Lovelace - a Mathematician and the writer of the world’s first machine algorithm for an early computing machine that existed only on paper. ADA Maths aims to evolve mathematics online. Naming it after Ada Lovelace seemed relevant.

How was the website created?

ADA Maths is created by Sam Powell, a mathematics teacher from the UK, working in Australia. When teaching, often model solutions are written on the board or given to students. The initial aim of the website is to share solutions in an easily accessible way. However, once work began on the website, it was clear it was an easy way to share as many maths questions and answers. Questions started to be produced and it has evolved ever since.