Algebra - Introduction and Notation

  a - answer    s - solution    v - video

Question 1

What is the missing number in the boxes?

a) $\square+1=2$a s v
b) $\square+5=7$a s v
c) $\square-3=5$a s v
d) $\square\times4=12$a s v
e) $\square\div2=7$a s v
f) $18+\square=50$a s v
g) $20-\square=9$a s v
h) $\square\times8=88$a s v
i) $5+8=\square$a s v
j) $20\times3=\square$a s v
k) $18\div3=\square$a s v
l) $8-\square+4=9$a s v
m) $6+4=\square\times2$a s v

Question 2

What is the missing number in the boxes?

a) There are $\square$ days in a weeka s v

b) Eighty divided by 4 is $\square$a s v

c) A pentagon has $\square$ sidesa s v

d) This week I ate an apple on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I ate $\square$ apples this week.a s v

e) The freezing point of water is $\square^\circ$C.a s v

f) I muliply 5 by 8, add 20 and then divide this by 4. The answer is $\square$. a s v

g) There are $\square$ days in a weeka s v

Question 3

Each letter represents a number. Find the value of the letter.

a) ${\bf r}+5=9$a s v
b) ${\bf a}+12=19$a s v
c) ${\bf h}\times8=72$a s v
d) ${\bf q}-17=25$a s v
e) ${\bf x}\div 18=2$a s v
f) $74+{\bf s}=100$a s v
g) $150-{\bf g}=50$a s v
h) $600\div{\bf y}=4$a s v
i) ${\bf b}+15-25=67$a s v
j) ${\bf m}+{\bf m}=66$a s v
k) ${\bf k}\times{\bf k}=100$a s v
l) $6\times{\bf z}+-16=20$a s v
m) ${\bf w}\times7=24-{\bf w}$a s v

Question 4

Write each expression without the mutliplication sign

a) $2\times{\bf x}$a s v
b) $5\times{\bf y}$a s v
c) ${\bf h}\times3$a s v
d) ${\bf w}\times18$a s v
e) $5\times{\bf t}+8$a s v
f) ${\bf u}\times6-3$a s v
g) $2\times3\times{\bf g}$a s v
h) $4\times{\bf k}\times5$a s v
i) ${\bf e}\times{\bf k}$a s v
j) ${\bf d}\times{\bf c}\times{\bf a}$a s v
k) $9\times{\bf w}\times{\bf z}$a s v
l) $2\times{\bf f}\times{\bf h}\times5\times{\bf g}$a s v

Question 5

Write each expression without the division sign

a) ${\bf e}\div3$a s v
b) ${\bf x}\div4$a s v
c) ${\bf c}\div20$a s v
d) $t\div{\bf b}$a s v
e) $2\div{\bf b}$a s v
f) $16\div{\bf n}$a s v
g) ${\bf x}\div{\bf y}$a s v
h) ${\bf st}\div{\bf r}$a s v
i) ${\bf 6}\div{\bf x}+5$a s v
j) ${\bf t}\div{\bf e}+{\bf 19}\div{\bf h}$a s v

Question 6

Write each expression without the multiplication signs

a) ${\bf x}\times{\bf x}$a s v
b) ${\bf g}\times{\bf g}\times{\bf g}$a s v
c) ${\bf w}\times{\bf w}\times{\bf w}\times{\bf w}\times{\bf w}$a s v
d) $9\times{\bf d}\times{\bf d}$a s v
e) $20{\bf y}\times{\bf y}\times{\bf y}$a s v
f) $5\times{\bf a}\times2\times{\bf a}$a s v
g) $9\times{\bf h}\times{\bf h}\times{\bf h}\times3\times{\bf h}$a s v